Bengaluru to Mysuru Road Trip – Attraction Enroute

The distance between Bengaluru to Mysuru is around 150 kms and a road trip between them is quite comfortable covered in 4 hours or so.  To make the most of the journey, it is a good idea to stop and explore the attractions that lie en route – and there are many of them. There are a couple of different routes for your Bengaluru to Mysuru road trip and you can choose yours depending upon what attractions you would like to cover.

Bidadi – Innovative Film City

Innovative Film City - Bidadi
Innovative Film City – Bidadi

The Film City covers a big area and has different sections for entertainment – A Selfie Area, Kabali Walkthrough, Bows & Arrows, Tribal Museum, Catapult, Cycling, Net Cricket, Mirror Maze, and Pottery. The place is good for kids who will find plenty of space to run around. The entrance fee is bit too much though given the fact that a lot of things were not functional at the time of visit.

Ramanagara – The Silk City

Silk Cocoons
Silk Cocoons

Ever wondered where the silk of the famous Mysore silk comes from? Well, it is Ramanagara rightly referred as the Silk City. The place is around 50 kms from Bengaluru on the Bengaluru-Mysuru road and houses one of the biggest Silk Markets in Asia. Here sale and purchase of cocoons takes place in large number. You can stop by to have a look around at the Government Cocoon Market. Try to have a local person who can guide you around if you do not know the language well. It really helps. 

Ramanagara is also famous as the shooting spot of the iconic movie ‘Sholay’. The boulder strewn landscape is good for trekking and rock climbing.

Channapatna – The Toy City

Wooden Toys - Channapatna
Wooden Toys – Channapatna

Famously known as ‘The Toy Town’, Channapatna is a part of Ramanagara district.  Here you can easily transport yourself to a time when kids used to play with wooden toys. As you drive through the town, a number of shops with colourful wooden toys on display catch your attention. There are not just dolls; there are games and puzzle, key rings, pen stands, utility items and many more. The best thing about these toys is that they use vegetable dyes and hence are environment friendly. 

Maddur – Maddur Vada

82 kms covered and by now it is lunch time. Maddur is a good place to halt and have some delicious meal. The place is famous for its vadas and the ones that you get at Maddur Tiffany is quite popular. You can also check out the Empire which is not far off and is a good option for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

Srirangapatnam – Explore Heritage

This is a famous heritage city associated with Tipu Sultan. The main attractions here include Tipu Sultan’s Dariya Daulat Bagh, the ruined fort of Tipu Sultan, Sri Ranganathswamy temple, Tipu Sultan Gumbaj and Colonel Bailey’s Dungeon.

Shivanasamudra Waterfalls

Shivanasamudra Waterfalls
Shivanasamudra Waterfalls

The beautiful waterfall, with a thunderous sound, crashes down from around 300 feet into depth and presents stunning visuals for visitors.  Looking at it you try to visualize how splendorous it would look during monsoons. Though that is absolutely the best time to visit the waterfall, yet a visit in the mid December also yielded a good view for me. There is a view point from where you can enjoy the falls.

Somnathpura – Beautiful Hoysala Temple

Somnathpura Kesava Temple Karnataka
Somnathpura Kesava Temple

It was built is the 13th century by a Hoyasala general, Somanatha. Along with the temples of Belur and Helebid, the Kesava Temple at Somanathapura is a gem of the Hoyasala architecture. It is absolutely unmissable! The temple is not very big, however, it really needs a considerable time to be thoroughly explored and enjoyed.

Talakkad – Temples from the Sands

Talakkad Karnataka
Talakkad Karnataka

Talakkad or Talakadu is famous for the temples that were buried in sands owing to a curse by Alamelamma. A number of them still lied buried beneath the sand, but there are some that have been excavated and can be visited. Be prepared for a little difficult walk on sand. Hiring a guide to understand the significance of the place is a good idea as signage is not found everywhere.